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Hi everyone!

Making some minor changes to old folders and adding some new folders to make choosing the right folder for your craft easier, and making it easier for us to sort and clean up later.

There was a lot of confusion between the "Doll Construction" and "Work in Progress" Folders. Doll Construction was meant for finished artisan dolls made by you, but the ambiguous title also meant a lot of people got confused and put dolls IN construction in there. Because it was an easy misunderstanding, we never declined anyone for it, but we did often move things. So it's now been renamed to "Finished Doll" folder for any art doll you've made and completed.

Art dolls in progress still go in the "Work in Progress" folder

There are now many more folders to cater for people who make accessories. You now have the option of folders for Jewellery, Headgear, Footwear, Wings, Accessories, Props, Furniture and Sets. There's also a "where do I put my  

The Other folder is now Misc and is for those who simply can't find a suitable category, or for those unsure where to put their pieces.

I will be shifting you submissions around over the next day so they're in the correct folders

Once more I remind everyone to PLEASE put a comment in your artist statement saying what you made. Even if it's obvious you made it, or you have multiple images and one of them states it and the others done, we still need it on every image. We have been getting people who have had something made by someone other than themselves submitting to the group, so this is why we need that, to showcase YOUR work and be sure you are credited for it.

More Journal Entries

Rules and Folders

We are a BJD craft group focusing on the many talented Deviant Art artist who create, sculpt, paint, mod, build and otherwise customize their BJDs

We accept: Face-ups, body blushing- including tattooing, sewing, modifications, sculpting BJDs, sculpting scale props, handmade scale jewellery, beadwork and other handmade crafts for any scale Ball Jointed Doll, as long as the work is yours, even if the item or blushing in question is for another person.

We don't accept: Drawings of your dolls, human scale items, crafts, face ups, mods, outfits etc made FOR your doll by anyone other than yourself, crafts for non BJDs like Monster High or Tonner dolls or plans for artisan made BJDs.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING MADE FOR OR DISPLAYED ON A RECAST BALL JOINTED DOLL. As a BJD craft group, we support ARTISTS and we stand against the art theft and blatant illegal counterfeiting that is recast dolls. If a recast is submitted, it will be deleted from the group, and the member in question will be blocked.

-Credit yourself! Deviations need to state clearly what it is you've made/done in the image in the artist statement.

-Clothing, props etc don't have to have a BJD in the picture, but please indicate that is BJD scaled.

-We do not accept people submitting items for other people. The image must include something you made yourself.

-Items for sale are accepted, but we ask for you to please respect our group and not treat it as Esy.

-You may advertise for commissions in the Commission and Sales gallery, but not on the front page or in comments, please.

-Please don't ask us for DoA invites, or ask for them on the main page. We also request you do not advertise meets or events either.

-We accept all skill levels and we respect everyone's right to craft. flames, trolls and hate messages will be deleted and blocked from the group.

-We accept all levels of skill, but we do NOT accept art theft. This includes claiming a craft is yours when it was made by someone else, unpermitted use of patterns, use of other people's photographs and use of, and in any way, even if the craft IS yours, of a recast doll.

Face ups: Blushing of the face only. This includes tattooing

Body Blushing: Blushing of the whole body, or any body part that isn't the head. This includes tattooing, manicures, painted on scarring, body hair etc.

Clothing: Articles of clothing- dresses, tops, shirts, trousers, skirts, underwear, tights, body suits lingerie, sweaters, corsets etc. This doesn't include small accessory articles, like belts, scarves and hats

Wigs: Anything used as the hair on the head of the doll. this does not include hair falls

Headgear: Anything that goes on the head or covers a large part of the face like hats, headbands, masks, horns, crowns, tiaras, headdresses, hair falls etc.

Footwear: Foot or lower leg coverings like shoes, boots, socks and leg warmers

Jewellery: small jewellery items, like necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings.

Accessories: Small, wearable items for your doll, like glasses, goggles, pauldrons, gorgets, scarves, belts, gloves, bracers etc.

Props: Items your doll holds or interacts with, like scale food, books, staves, walking sticks, weapons, fans, lanterns, wands etc.

Wings: Pretty self explanatory- wings of any sort, back head ankle, ear, where ever, as long as they're wings.

Furniture: Any scale furniture made for a doll OUTSIDE a set. Chairs, tables beds, foot stools etc.

Sets: Full settings for your dolls. They can be where you display them or they can be just for a shoot, as long as they are completely doll scaled.

Mods: Any modification done on a doll, like eye opening, carving, scarring, ear tips, piercings etc.

Finished Dolls: Completed Artisan dolls made by you. They don't have to be face upped or dressed, but as long as the sculpt is completely finished and assembled. Single sculpted heads are also accepted.

Works In Progress: Any uncompleted work for or of a doll. Half finished art dolls, clothing in progress, furniture or props being completed. Nothing finished in here.

Misc: For anything that doesn't seem to fit into any of the listed categories.

Tutorials: Step by step instructions on how to make something for a doll, or a doll themselves, or even how to faceup.

Shops and Commissions: Pictorial advertisements for Etsy stores, online stores, commission services, etc.



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MZies Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I made a stopmotion of anyone's interested…
BnVaF Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014
Can I let here photos of works made by someone I know?
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Nitjsenfi Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Thank you for adding me to the group Meow :3 
JaideStarr Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for approving my contribution.  

I'm working on more accessories (including the chair to that particular couch) I am also going to do a leather set as soon as I can get more leather. (In black I think, with a wood frame)

I'm looking to see what others would like to see me make... or what other BJD owners would consider buying if it was available. I can make quite a few different things and if I can't find a design I will always make my own. (Such as the one for the couch as if you look up doll furniture on line there's VERY little good items on how to make it) and most of it is crappy! 

the more feed back I get the better, and if ANY of the users in here or their friends are interested in a custom couch/chair piece please feel free to page me via note... and we can talk about ideas/concepts colors/fabric ect. :) 
RMLBJD Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Professional Artist
Thank you for adding me to the groupHeart 
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thanks for accepting me!
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Thanks for accepting me!
zanruos Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014

hey guys I am looking into my first doll some more and I decide to try to make 2 of them one is a pure neemo doll and the other is a obitsu.

my only question is I am trying to find a certain head dsing and if I need to buy azone heads for the pure neemo?

Cynthevla Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for adding me to the group!!
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